Primer -for beginners-

  1. Let's Learn about Screen Configuration
    Window Configuration|Menu Configuration
  2. Let's Find Kanji
    Use Parts|Use Katakana or Symbol|Use [Parts]|Use Strokes
  3. Let's Master Search Criteria
    Minus Search|Multiplication Search|Utilize Period|Use Reading|Combination of Functions|Master [Copy] and [Paste]
  4. Let's Paste Searched Character to Other Apps, Part 1
    Paste as Character|Paste as Image
  5. Let's Paste Searched Character to Other Apps, Part 2
    Use as External Character
  6. Let's Utilize Character Database
    Search at <Code table>|Search by Variant Character|Specify Search Range |Look Up by <Information>

System Requirements

Trial Period

  • You can use all the functions of Super Kanji Search for a free trial period of 10 days.
  • If you want to continue to use Super Kanji Search after a free trial period ends, please purchase the license key at the website and set the license key to change the trial version into the paid version.
    † When you start the software, the panel for the license key appears until you input the license key. You can select [Cancel] and continue to use the software, as long as the trial period is not expired. If you click [Buy license key], you can go to the website for purchasing the license key with a web browser.
    † During the trial period, there is no functional restrictions between the trial version and the paid version.
    † You can purchase the license key only on the website.

Super Kanji V

Super Kanji V logo

This software was developed based on the technology of the BTRON specification OS "Super Kanji V". "Super Kanji V" is recommended for those who use lots of kanji characters on a full scale.

[Please note] "Super Kanji V" is designed for Japanese users. Japanese version is only available. English version is not available.

Contact Information

Regarding the problems that cannot be resolved by reading Manual, please contact TRON Support Center.
When you send an e-mail to us, let us know the information including your name, your e-mail address, the license key, the execution environment (the version number of Windows or Linux) and messages of Inquiry.

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