Solutions by Super Kanji Search

We are providing the customized versions of "Super Kanji Search" or "Super Kanji Search -IVS Enhanced Version-" to the corporate customers who need a lot of variant characters for names or have trouble with searching external characters, including local governments, public offices, governmental agencies and private companies.

For example, we can provide the input tool for multi-kanji and variant characters which is suitable for your environment by adding your existing external characters to the targeted information.
We can also provide the various systems for handling external characters and multi-kanji, such as the converter which can convert your existing data by external characters into the highly-compatible data by Unicode IVS.

If you have to search lots of external characters or manage lots of variant characters for names, the customized product of "Super Kanji Search" will be one of the best solutions for you.

Solution Examples

By the customization of Super Kanji Search, we are providing various solutions and products.

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