Purchase and Setup of License Key

Purchase of License Key

If you want to purchase License Key, please purchase the key at the website or online shops where you downloaded this software.

If you have already purchased License Key and the software at the same time, you don't have to purchase License Key newly. Input License Key as follows and continue to use the software.

License Key Setup

If you have already purchased License Key, input License Key to the following dialog and click [OK].

License Key Input

† License Key consists of 16 characters (4 sets of 4 alphanumeric half-width characters) like "a123 b456 c789 d123". Input 4 characters each to the dialog from left to right.

  • Input License Key correctly. Use half-width characters, not full-width characters. Distinguish capital letters from small letters.
    Especially, pay attention to the difference between "1"(the numeric character, 1) and "l"(the small letter of L) or "0"(the numeric number, 0) and "o"(the small letter of O).
  • You can input License Key by [Copy] and [Paste] operations. To be specific, select a set of 4 characters at the window on which License Key is displayed, and [Copy] them. Click the right mouse button and select [Paste] on an input box. Repeat this operation 4 times.

† You can select [Cancel] and continue to use the software. You can use all the functions of the software for a free trial period of 10 days.