Purchase the License Key

Purchase the License Key

To change Trial version into Paid version, please purchase the License Key. You can purchase the key at the following website.

"Super Kanji Search" License Key

Standard Price(Tax not included): 6,000yen

About the License Key for Super Kanji Search

You can use the license key for both Windows version and Linux version. With the license key, you can use Super Kanji Search by either way of the followings.

  • If any one of the Windows version or the Linux version is installed on the single PC, multiple persons shall use the installed Software(Super Kanji Search) on the single PC.
  • If the User of the Software(Super Kanji Search) is limited to yourself and only one person, the User shall install and use both the Windows version and the Linux version on multiple PCs for the User's use only, on condition that you shall not use the Software simultaneously.

For more information, please refer to "Super Kanji Search : End-User License Agreement(EULA)".

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