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"Super Kanji Search" Trial Version - Free Download

Trial version can be downloaded for free from the following websites.

Windows version

Linux version

  • After the installation of Super Kanji Search, you can use all the functions of this software for a free trial period of 10 days. When a free trial period ends, you will be unable to use this trial version.
  • If you want to continue to use Super Kanji Search after a free trial period ends, please purchase License Key to change the trial version into the paid version.
  • When you start the software, the panel for the license key appears until you input the license key. You can select [Cancel] and continue to use the software, as long as the trial period is not expired.
  • The difference between Trial version and Paid version is just one point as mentioned above. There is no functional restrictions, except this one point.
  • For the information on how to use Super Kanji Search, please read Online Manual.
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