Super Kanji Search for iOS Website

  • Enables you to search kanji characters quickly on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Search kanji by its parts: for example, simply input "石×3" to search "磊".
  • Huge kanji database of more than 170,000 characters, including traditional, variant, and related characters.
  • Have fun with kanji! Recommended for anyone all over the world, if you are interested in kanji and/or learning Japanese.
  • Kanji shape of full-screen size. Share the characters or images with other applications, and send them by e-mail or twitter.
  • Know the meanings of kanji by online kanji dictionaries.
  • Small application size: kanji database and fonts are on the server, not on your iOS device.
  • In addition to iOS version, Android version, Windows and Linux versions with the extended functions are available.

Super Kanji Search for Windows Personal Media Corporation website

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