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Product Overview

Searchable Character Type

  • Super Kanji Search includes JIS kanji, Kanji in Daikanwa Dictionary, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.
  • You can search hard-to-read kanji or unfamiliar variant characters from more than 170,000 characters.
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Easy and Simple Search Method

  • You can search the characters by intuitively simple search keys (parts). ⇒More Info
  • You can search the characters efficiently by the combination of component parts, reading and strokes. ⇒More Info
  • You can easily search the difficult kanji by multiplication or subtraction of the component parts. ⇒More Info

Wealth of Info on Variant/Related Characters

  • You can quickly find out old character shapes, simplified characters, Chinese kanji or Korean kanji, thanks to a wealth of info on variant/related characters. You can easily check Jouyou kanji, Kyouiku kanji, Kanji for names or character shapes in "Character shape list for non-listed kanji".
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Extended Functions for Using Kanji More Friendly

  • You can share the magnified image of the searched character with other apps as the character or the image (the kanji characters which can be shared as the character with other apps are limited).
  • You can check the searched character by Super Kanji Search in more detail, by visiting an online dictionary on the Internet.
  • You can share the character selected by other apps like web browser as the search key. You can quickly look up the hard-to-read kanji on news sites or ebooks.
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Android, Windows and Linux versions are also Available

  • Android version is equipped with a function similar to that of iOS version. In addition, it is compatible with mushrooms and functions sharing between apps.
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  • Windows version and Linux version include non-kanji characters such as symbols and numeric characters, in addition to kanji characters. You can search 186,487 characters in total. Both Windows version and Linux version are available for a free trial period of 10 days. If you are interested in the character search including non-kanji characters or smooth collaboration with Windows apps, please try them too.
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