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Character Type and Specification Name Number of Characters Note
JIS Level 1 and 2 (JIS X 0208) 6,879
JIS Level 3 and 4 (JIS X 0213:2000) 4,344
JIS Supplementary Kanji (JIS X 0212) 6,067
Korean Kanji and Hangul (KS X 1001) 8,224
Basic Chinese(Simplified Chinese, GB 2312) 7,445
Extended Chinese (Simplified Chinese, GB 18030) 634 Supporting a part of GB 18030.
Traditional Chinese (CNS 11643) 13,491
6-Point Braille and 8-Point Braille 320
i-mode emoji (pictogram) 271
GT Font 78,675 "Study for Multilingual Text Processing on the Multimedia Communication System" project, Research for the Future Program of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The study group of Multilingual Text Processing, the University of Tokyo.
Daikanwa Dictionary 51,053
Tompa 1,362
(Variant form of a kana letter)
(Variant form of a kana letter for Basic resident register)
(Voiced consonant mark Japanese syllabary)
A part of Non-Kanji Characters in Unicode 2.0
Latin 865
Arabic 926
Other Unicode Characters 1,907 Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Devanagari, Bengalee, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Thai, Laotian, Tibetan and Kartuli
IPA Phonetic Symbol 219
Symbol, Mark and Others 2,558
Other Symbols and Characters
Hotsuma 154
Yin-yang 86
Ordinal number 90
Total 186,487