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Super Kanji Search (Android version) Online Manual

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Super Kanji Search (Android version) Online Manual

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  2. Basic Operation/Setting
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Contact Information

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to us.

Personal Media Corporation
Support Center

Please let us know the following information when you send an e-mail to us.

  1. Your name
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. Model name of Android terminal
  4. Version number of Android
    • You can find Version number of Android by the following steps.
      1. Press Home Button to go back to Home Screen.
      2. Start "Settings" app, and then select "About phone".
      3. You can find the software version number of Android at "Android version" or "Firmware version" field (Number string like "4.2.1").
  5. Messages of Inquiry

Features of "Super Kanji Search for Windows"

  • With "Super Kanji Search for Windows", you can also search symbols as well as Chinese characters(kanji).
  • You can search characters at Code table. If you already know the character code of the character you want, it's easier to use Code table.
  • You can paste the searched character to the other apps including Word and Ichitaro as a character or an image.
  • In addition to Windows version, Linux version is also available.

Available for download from the website. You can use all the functions of "Super Kanji Search" for a free trial period of 10 days.
* Please download by Windows PC.

What is "Super Kanji Search for Windows" ?