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Character Type and Specification Name Number of Characters
Kanji in JIS Level 1 and 2 (JIS X 0208) 6,355
Kanji in JIS Level 3 and 4 (JIS X 0213:2000) 3,685
Kanji in JIS Supplementary Kanji (JIS X 0212) 5,801
Kanji in Korean Kanji and Hangul (KS X 1001) 4,888
Kanji in Basic Chinese(Simplified Chinese, GB 2312) 6,763
Extended Chinese (Simplified Chinese, GB 18030)(*1) 634
Kanji in Traditional Chinese (CNS 11643) 13,053
GT font (*2) 78,675
Kanji in Daikanwa Dictionary 51,053
Total 170,907

(*1) Supporting a part of GB 18030.

(*2) "Study for Multilingual Text Processing on the Multimedia Communication System" project, Research for the Future Program of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The study group of Multilingual Text Processing, the University of Tokyo.

† Regarding the unified kanji characters (Japanese, Chinese and Korean kanji) by CJK Unified Ideographs of UNICODE, their character shapes and character info cannot be displayed separately.